St. John’s N Club


The purpose of the N Club shall be:

  1. To encourage squadron members to acquire the grade of N and a full certificate.

  2. To assist in Squadron’s JN and N courses.

  3. To further develop the skill of existing Ns.

  4. To foster social camaraderie among its members



The ST. JOHN’S N CLUB BURGEE, in the shape of a rectangular ensign is composed of a red cross on a black background with two stars superimposed diagonally thereon.  The burgee was established in 1968 at Cocoa Beach, Florida.  The black background represents the night sky.  The stars are the Gemini.

Twins – Pollux and Castor, for who the early U.S. manned space launches from Cape Canaveral were named.  Due to their declinations, the zeniths of these two stars at meridian passage are approximately the southern and northern latitude limits of District 23 and the source and mouth of the St. John’s River for which the Club was named.  The red cross on the burgee is that of the Apostle James – The Major, Patron Saint of all Spain.

St. John’s N Club Constitution - download

Application for Membership St. Johns N Club - download

Invitation to Join St. Johns N Club - download

Celestial Navigator Yearly Contest - download rules

 N Club Meeting - March 24, 2018/District 23 Spring Conference - Minutes

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